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We assist prospective clients who are not quite ready to pursue our premium services.  If you need a website and your budget is at least $600, we can provide you with Wix Training so that you can create your own website with our assistance, or we can customize any template on Wix.Com for you. 

Through training with Wix.Com and our years of working knowledge on the Wix Platform, our mission is to extend our services to the many Wix users who work best with instructor-led training or need one on one assistance.

Our mission:

  • To provide training to users of the Wix Platform

  • To provide 1 on 1 assistance to users of the Wix Platform

  • To provide monthly workshops and seminars to users of the Wix Platform

  • To provide design services to individuals, start-ups, and companies who want to use Wix

  • To provide video tutorials for users of the Wix Platform

  • To provide resources via our blog covering new features, tips, news, and commentary about Wix

Template Customization

Making a website using a template is harder than it looks. 

Our customization program addresses our customers needs for a website without the fuss.

*Add the functionality you need:

Add any of the following to your website:

  • Wix eCommerce

  • Wix Booking

  • Wix Blog

  • Wix Hotels

  • Wix Reservations

  • Wix Music

  • Wix Videos

  • Wix Art

  • Any Wix App

*Inquire for pricing

It's really easy to get started

At Wix Certified Pro, answer a few questions and we'll find the perfect Wix template, customize it, and get you squared away.  Our Wix Template Customization service is the perfect fit if you need a website and have spent way too long making a website template look professional enough to use as your own. *Our designers will make it happen in 5 business days.

*Added functionality will extend the turnaround time

Get a new website in 3 easy steps:

Pick a template on Wix.Com


Send us your text, images, and logo


Approve and we'll transfer to your Wix Account!

*Domain name, hosting and added features/pages additional.

Get A Pro Design

Already using Wix and ready to bring a new level of professionalism to your business website? 


Wix Bootcamp

This service is so amazing it got its own page.

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